List of Equipment



TRP75 Narrow Roller:

Base Size:320mm x 145mm, Weight: 2.75 Kgs

Designed for use in narrow trenches. Lightweight assembly suitable for cables up to 76mm dia. Zinc plated steel frame with large waisted solid aluminum roller running on low friction brushes.


HSP125 Roller- Heavy Duty:

Base Size: 350mm x 230mm, Weight:4.5 Kgs

All Zinc plated heavy duty assembly suitable for cables up to 125mm dia, Steel frame fitted large waisted steel roller running on ball bearings.


HBSP125 Bridge Roller-Heavy Duty:

Base Size:350mm x 230mm, Weight: 4.5 Kgs

Generally as per the HSP125 Roller but with the added facility of being able to place same over a cable up to 90mm already laid in the trench.


CR1 Angle Corner Roller:

Height:300mm Width: 160mm Length: 28omm Weight:9.0 Kgs

Purpose designed for taking the heaviest cables round difficult corners & rounds. incorporates a vertical & horizontal roller 75mm diameter on low friction brushes.


CR2 Skid Roller:

Height: 300mm Width: 230mm Length:330mm Weight:8.0 Kgs

Incorporates a horizontal steel roller 75mm dia running on low friction brushes with back skid plate for corner work.


CR4 Triple Corner Roller:

Height:295mm Width:290mm Length:540mm Weight: 12 Kgs

All plated, using two vertical & one horizontal steel rollers, identical to HSP125 for taking heaviest cable rounds.


CR5 Horizontal Roller: Paint Finish

Height:400mm Width: 260mm Length: 250mm Weight: 13 Kgs

Two Horizontal rollers with quick release gate opening to allow easy entry and removal of cables upto 125mm diameter.


CR6 Vertical Roller: Paint Finish

Height: 310mm Width: 90mm Length:830mm Weight:14 Kgs

Nine vertical steel rollers each running in roller bearings and mounted in a heavy duty steel frame.


SP1 Skid Plate: Paint Finish

Height:300mm Width:100mm Length:920mm Weight: 7 Kgs

Can be used with the CR2 Skid Roller as an alternate CR5 CR6 Corner roller system.


DR1 Draw Off Roller: Paint Finish

Height:400mm Width: 260mm Length: 250mm Weight: 13 Kgs

To lead the cable directly from the drum into the trench 75mm diameter steel tube roller on low induction sintered bushes. All mounted to heavy duty angle steel bass.


VR1 Roller Assembly: All Zinc Plated Finish

Height: 360mm Width: 500mm Length:890mm Weight:17 Kgs

A guide roller in front of the drum which centralizes the cable from drum into trench. Sealed roller bearing fitted in steel roller mounted in heavy duty steel frame


SR5 Suspension Roller: All Zinc Plated Finish

Height:404mm Width:300mm Length:210mm Weight: 3 Kgs

To enable cables to be winched and suspended in high buildings prior to being positioned

Duct Equipment


RIGID PVC Duct Rods:

PVC Rods available in 2 & 3 meter lengths.

The joint is commonly known as the ferret type which operates on principles of a spring loaded pin engaging into a mating hole when the joint are screawed togehtter the trigger which is flush with body of the joint presed for quick release. Accessories also available:

  • RD1 Duct Rod 3M long x 24 MM O.D
  • RD2 Duct Rod 2M long x 24 MM O.D.
  • LM1 Rod Male Leader (to assist rod through duct)
  • FF2 Rod female follower
  • CUP1 Coupling up set 35mm dia
  • CUP2 Coupling up set 48mm dia
  • Duct Bushes:

    Cylindrical bushes with wooden centers drilled and fitted with threaded steel rod, steel and caps and pulling eye each end. Overall length including eye 350mm.
    Standard sizes as follows:

  • CB57 Cylindrical bush 57mm,
  • CB80 Cylindrical bush 80mm
  • CB86 Cylindrical bush 86mm,
  • CB95 Cylindrical bush 95mm
  • CB108 Cylindrical bush 108mm,
  • CB150 Cylindrical bush 150mm
  • Specials available on request.


    Steel Mandrels

    For duct proving Black painted steel 240mm long fitted with threaded steel rod and pulling eye each end to give overall length of 350 mm Sizes 43mm to 95mm diameter available.
    Specials available on request.

    Cable Lubricants

    We provide a range high quality Lubricants for both power and telecommunication sectors:

    POWER – Pail Size 20 Ltr

    CD1 Techlube H.D – Developed for large power and also heavy telecommunications cables. High ding factor enables it to remain evenly coated on large diameter cables allowing it to slip into ducts more easily than conventional lubricants.


    LD1 Lubricants – Approved to BT specification MAT 138C Emulsion based with silicone this product is specially formulated with added micro beads to reduce pulling friction by upto 70%.


    LD2 Lubricant – Low cost version of LD1 Lubricant it generally same but just with micro beads.

    Hydraulic Cable Cutter


    HHC120 Hydraulic Cutting Head

    Designed to cut aluminium, copper and communication cables having a maximum overall diameter of 120mm for use with HHP1 Foot Pump. Other sizes available on request.


    HHC085 Hand Operated Hydraulic Cutting Tool

    Designed to cut aluminum, copper and communication cables having a maximum overall diameter of 85mm.

    Hydraulic Crimping Tools


    HOC400H Crimping Tool

    A “C” type hand hydraulic tool for crimping copper tube terminals 10 to 400mm2 using hexagon dies (13 dies required to cover this range). Head rotates through 180 to allow operation in restricted places.


    HOCT 400

    Hydraulic head only generally as above used with HHP1 Foot Pump.


    HOCT 630 Hydraulic Crimping Head

    For crimping copper tube terminals 10-630mm2. for use with HHP1 Foot Pump.


    HOCT 1000 Hydraulic Crimping Head

    For crimping upto 1000mm2. for use with HHP1 Foot Pump. Dies available.

    Foot Pump


    HHP1 Hydraulic Foot Pump

    New foot operated double speed pump. Developing a maximum pressure of 700 bar. The pump is supplied with 3m long high pressure flexible hose complete with female self lock quick coupler.
    Pressure can be with drawn at any time during operation by depressing the release lever. A solid stand gives the pump stability during operation.

    Measuring Wheels



    Measuring wheel supplied with carrying bag. Low cost measuring wheel with high specification. Adds forwards and subtracts in reverse. Measures along shapes as well as straight lines. 5 digit measuring upto 10,000 meters without resetting.
    Simple reset lever to zero. Light weight only 1.5 Kgs
    Available also in electronic read out.


    Mearing wheel c/w stand, break and carry case, 6 digit measuring upto 100,000 meters otherwise as above.

    List of Vehicles

    Pickup 3 tones D/C No. 2
    Pickup l,-5 tones D/C -do- 2
    Bed ford truck crane mounted -do- 1
    Hice van (14 seater bus) -do- 2
    Coaster Bus (25 seater) -do- 2
    50 Ton Crane -do- 1
    16 Meter Flat-Bed Trailer -do- 1
    Less than 12 ton IVECO truck'prith Crane -do- 1

    List of All Equipment, Tools/Machinery

    JCB site master 3c x JCB (on rental ) No. 3
    Bob cat (on rental) -do- 2
    Cable traitor -do- 2
    Winch machine -do- 2
    Jack for cable drum lifting hydraulic -do- 2
    Plat compactor -do- 4
    Roller compactor -do- 1
    Roller for cable laying -do- 800
    Angle roller -do- 25
    Guided roller -do- 6
    Tools kits for termination & jointing works. Set 4
    Air compressor No. 1
    Megger -do- 2
    Earth tester -do- 2
    Multimeter -do- 6
    Asphalt cuter -do- 2
    Winch Machine No. 2
    Generator -do- 1
    Small Equipment, Tools, Consumables -do- 10
    Pressure Water Pump -do- 2
    Welding Generator -do- 1
    Gas Cutting Set -do- 2
    Water Tank (GRP) -do- 4
    Lifting Hooks -do- 4
    Lifting Pulley -do- 4
    Volt Meter -do- 2
    Caravan -do- 3
    Semi-Conductor -do- 2
    Grinder 9 inches -do- 5
    Drilling Machine -do- 2
    Electric motor Pump -do- 4
    Grinder 4 inches -do- 4
    Hosting kit No. 6
    Silicon Gun -do- 10
    Grease Gun -do- 5
    Rivet Gun -do- 5
    Cable Detector -do- 3
    DC High Voltage Insulator Tester -do- 2
    Total Station (Sokia) -do- 2
    Jack hammer -do- 4