Project Management:

Project management will be responsible for planning, supervising, coordinating and controlling form all aspects of the project and ensuring that project activities are in strict conformity with the contract specification and are as per the direction of client/consultant engineers.

Project Manager:

The project manager will be overall responsible for the total management of the project from commencement till completion. He will report to General manager and will be assisted by project/site Engineers, project cost controller, quality /safety Engineer, AutoCAD draughtsman, storekeepers, surveyors foremen and a large number of skilled and non-skilled workers including mechanic, electricians, monsoons secretaries and PRO , total strength of about 350 to effectively complete the project work.

The project manager's main responsibilities and function include:

  • Strategic & project planning.
  • Preparation of project estimates.
  • Preparation of work schedules.
  • Monitoring progress of work
  • Dealing with technical matters of project.
  • Participation in vendor selection.
  • Correspondence on project technical matters.
  • Participation in the selection /hiring of project related technical staff.
  • Attending regular meeting with client / consultant
  • Liaison with client, contractors, consultant, supplier, manufactures.
  • Interaction on regular basis with general manager and other managers related to the project.